Leading Music Made Easy with Making a Joyful Noise - 101

Leading Music Can Be Easy and Fun with This New Instructional DVD for LDS Choristers

Joyful Noise 101 LogoAre you nervous at the thought of leading music? When it's your turn to conduct, do you dread the thought of standing up there waving your arms in front of everyone? Now YOU can learn to direct music, conduct a choir, or lead congregational singing in the privacy and comfort of your own home, with the expert training and advice contained in this new instructional DVD - now specially priced at under $20.

Whether you're a brand new chorister, or just want to improve your directing skills, you will find everything you need to know to become a confident and competent director.

Congregational singing should be a joyful experience.

This DVD will help you make that happen!

Leading music with Alison HerronThe instruction is never boring! Each segment is sprinkled with humor. Every effort is made to help you stay engaged...and awake!

This unique instructional DVD is also suited for use in the classroom. It's perfect for ward choristers, new missionaries, choir directors, and youth programs - a real "must have" for every ward, branch, and stake.

If you, or someone you know, need some help with the techniques of leading music, or just want to feel more comfortable when it's your turn to conduct, then take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from an experienced director.  For a limited time, you can be on your way to improving your directing skills for just $19.00 (regular price $25.00).  Order yours today!

Here's what one happy customer had to say:
"I loved watching this video! It was very insightful, and as a TOTAL novice...I actually understood what she was expressing! I found myself practicing along. I liked how she led the choir in front of a mirror... that added to the instruction. She was well spoken and knew her material. Each segment was thoughtfully and artfully done. Alison’s delightful humor added just the right amount of chuckles! Well done!" - Karma G., Bothell, WA

NOTE: Making a Joyful Noise - 101 was specifically made with LDS choristers in mind, but neither the DVD nor Young @ Heart, LLC, have any official affiliation with or endorsement from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, all hymns contained in Making a Joyful Noise-101 are out of the official hymnbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and are used with permission of the appropriate copyright holders. Complete copyright information is listed on the DVD itself.